Help Me Grow


What is Help Me Grow Brighter Futures?

Help Me Grow Brighter Futures is a community collaborative program of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA). Help Me Grow Brighter Futures provides early intervention service coordination, the Nurse-Family Partnership, and Parents as Teachers. We are jointly funded and supported by Help Me Grow and Early Head Start-Miami Valley Child Development Centers.

What is Help Me Grow?

The Help Me Grow Program, in Montgomery County and across Ohio, is a broad system of services for eligible families with infants and toddlers, prenatal to the child’s third birthday. Infant and toddler health, and development are important areas of focus. Services are chosen by families and designed to reach goals that they find important.

Help Me Grow is a state and federally funded program. The program is guided by the Ohio Department of Health and locally administered by the Montgomery County Family and Child First Council through local providers.

How does my child qualify for Help Me Grow?

In Ohio a child is eligible for Help Me Grow, Part C Early Intervention services if he or she is under the age of 3 and has a delay in any of the five developmental areas tested during the evaluation.

Your child is automatically eligible if he or she has a diagnosis of a physical or mental condition that likely will result in a developmental delay and has a written medical report documenting the diagnosis. These children are automatically eligible until their third birthday.

What is the cost to receive Help Me Grow services?

Help Me Grow services are provided at no cost to families

What are some of the Help Me Grow services my child and family will receive?

Families are provided with service coordination for early intervention services, developmental screenings and evaluations, links to community resources and family support, ongoing assessments, child development education, and transition services.

How long can my child receive services through Help Me Grow?

Help Me Grow services are provided up until the child turns three years of age.

Who will provide the services my child receives through Help Me Grow?

Upon referral to the Help Me Grow Brighter Futures system for ongoing services, your family will be assigned a Service Coordinator who will continue with you throughout your participation in the program. Your Service Coordinator is your contact person and will help you locate and receive services, and guide you from one stage of services to another.


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