Parents as Teachers


What is EHS-PAT?

Parents as Teachers is a program for families with children prenatal to three years of age. Home visits are conducted by a certified parent educator right in the convenience and comfort of your family’s home environment! Your home visitor will come to your home once a week for 90 minutes during a time that is convenient for your family. Your family will use the information provided and the activities presented in your daily life to provide continued ongoing development.

Your home visitor will conduct ongoing developmental screenings in order to ensure that your child is developing appropriately and refer you to necessary agencies if needed. They will connect you with other community resources and provide support as needs may arise for your family. Socializations are also part of the PAT program. These are planned activities that take place several times throughout the month in our socialization room at the Job & Family Services building and also throughout the community. They are a wonderful opportunity for you and your children to come and interact with other children and families.

Why enroll in EHS-PAT?

Parents are the first and most important teacher in their childs life. It is the objective of your home visitor to help you become the best teacher that you can be for your child. This is accomplished by providing weekly activities to share with you and your child that will encourage their ongoing development and growth of skills. It is also the responsibility of your home visitor to share information on the development of your child in all areas so that you have an understanding of how to best help your child meet their full potential. These areas include motor skills, language, intellectual development and social emotional growth, as well as a variety of special topics.

All children deserve the same opportunities to succeed in school and in life. Through ongoing observations and screenings your home visitor will be able to recognize any possible delays early on so that your child can receive the help necessary to encourage growth in that area. Home visitors and families will work together to provide activities for your child that will continue to enrich their lives as well as yours. Because all parents want to provide the best start for their children and we want to help you reach that goal!

Who is eligible for the EHS-PAT program?

The program is funded through grants and is free to those that qualify. Eligibility is based on family income and the age of children in the family along with other family dynamics.


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