Nurse-Family Partnership

When Sade found out she was pregnant at fourteen, her reaction was, "Oh my goodness! Are you serious? This cannot be real." She felt ashamed. She didn't want to be labeled just another "teen mom" or looked down upon.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Sade moved to Dayton to go to school and to live with her grandmother. She became pregnant and the father of her baby was not supportive. When Sade was about 3 months pregnant, she called upon every resource she could find. Her prenatal clinic referred her to Help Me Grow Brighter Futures/Nurse-Family Partnership. To her surprise, when she phoned, they were kind, helpful, and non-judgmental. She was set up with her own nurse who came to visit her a couple days later.

She speaks with the utmost admiration and gratitude toward her nurse, Trish Patterson. Sade says, "Trish gave me the confidence and support I really needed at that time. I could talk to her about my relationships and she would never judge or look down on me." Trish provided Sade with information on birth control, changes in her body through pregnancy, labor and delivery and getting assistance through various other agencies. Sade attended prenatal classes and learned about breastfeeding and child CPR. According to Sade, one of the best parts of their relationship was that Trish "made me feel so strong and prideful. I no longer felt ashamed because she didn't judge me at all. I began not to judge myself either."

Her daughter Savannah was born after 30 hours of labor and a Caesarean Section. Sade says, "I didn't feel scared because Trish was there throughout it all supporting me." Savannah was healthy, happy and beautiful baby. Breastfeeding was initially a struggle, but with practice and encouragement from Trish, Savannah had given up both her bottle and pacifier by 4 months

and started breastfeeding exclusively. She now drinks from a cup!

Trish taught Sade about infant and toddler care. Says Sade, "Trish told me about setting limits and boundaries, discipline and when to say no. She taught me how to react to tantrums. We continued to talk about birth control and abstinence."

Sade was encouraged to continue her education and she became a Certified Nurse Assistant. After being inspired and encouraged by Trish, she plans to continue her education and become a Registered Nurse. "Just learning from Trish about her nursing career has been a huge motivation for me to become a nurse myself", affirms Sade.

The best thing about the Nurse-Family Partnership, according to Sade is, "Now I am so confident in my parenting from where I started to where I am now. I see other teen parents and I realize I want them to have the same pride, and no shame. I want to be an inspiration to them that they too can feel pride and be good parents and fulfill their dreams. I want to tell these other teen moms, 'You can do it!' and make a difference in their lives as Trish and the Nurse-Family Partnerships have made such a difference in mine."


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